Supporting the Entire Employee Lifecycle Experience

At PAYROLL PARTNERS, we focus on each of our client’s unique needs, tailoring our approach to build custom product solutions that empower your team to streamline Human Resource Management processes, increase employee engagement and enhance productivity across all functions of your organization.

Our clients appreciate the simplicity of our single database that provides a consistent experience across the employee lifecycle. The best part is, these features are cloud-based, making them available anytime and anywhere on your PC, tablet, or mobile device.

Human Resources

  • Streamline your HR Processes
  • Hire Best-Fit Talent
  • Simplify Benefits Management
  • Drive Employee Engagement
  • Empower Employees and Managers
  • Improve HR Decision Making


  • Speed Up Job Requisitions
  • Proactively Source Candidates
  • Reach Candidates Anytime, Anywhere
  • Directly Integrate with Indeed and Other Job Boards
  • Pull In Information from LinkedIn Profiles
  • Optimize Pre-Hire Engagement


  • Information from Application Seamlessly Flows into the Employee Record
  • New Hire Checklist and Workflows
  • Improved Candidate Experience with Applicant Portal
  • Reinforce Your Employer Brand
  • Mobile Accessible


  • Empower Employees
  • Offer Plan Comparisons
  • Minimize Compliance Risk
  • Streamline Benefits Processes for New Hire, Open Enrollment and Life Events
  • Create Workflows and Actions
  • Gain Deeper Insight
  • Easily Generate Reports


  • Align Your Organization
  • Increase Engagement and Retention
  • Identify and Develop Top Talent
  • Save Time and Streamline Processes
  • Create Workflows and Actions
  • Link Compensation to Performance


  • Identify and Prepare Employees
  • Engage and Retain Superior Employees
  • Increase Visibility to Employee Readiness and Potential
  • View Data by Metric or Employee


  • Streamline Compensation Planning
  • Gain Increased Visibility
  • Improve Corporate Governance
  • Make Fair and Equitable Comp Decisions Across the Organization

Time & Attendance

  • Capture Accurate Timekeeping Data
  • Eliminate Buddy Punching Through Various Time Collection Options Including Biometric
  • Automate Attendance and Accruals Tracking
  • Track and Understand True Labor Costs
  • Maintain Compliance
  • Manage Exceptions
  • Implement Attestation
  • Implement Schedules


  • Schedule The Right Employee
  • Control Labor Costs
  • Improve Workforce Productivity
  • Drive Employee Engagement
  • Enable Shift Swapping
  • Minimize Compliance Risk
  • Avoid Safety Violations Simplify Schedule Creation and Management


  • Automated/Accurate Tracking
  • Configurable Leave Profiles
  • Employee Self-Service Leave
  • Time Entries and Pay Rules

Payroll & Tax

  • Get Up-To-The- Minute Payroll Information
  • Deliver Timely, Accurate Payments
  • Drive Accuracy in Tax Withholdings
  • Empower Employees With Mobile App and Self Service Tools


  • Option for Mobile Punch
  • Option to Submit Timesheet
  • Mange Time Off Requests
  • Complete Open Enrollment
  • View Check Stubs and W2s
  • Receive Push Notifications
  • Available for All Levels of the Organization

Data Analytics

  • Choose from 150+ Standard Reports
  • Easily Customize Reports
  • Bring Data to Life with Charts and Graphs
  • Schedule Automatic Report Distribution