Promoting Workplace Wellness: Creating a Healthy Work Environment Where Your Employees Can Thrive…

The American Institute of Stress estimates that between 75% and 90% of visits to primary care physicians are due to disorders. Studies have shown that pressures and fears in the workplace are the leading source of stress for adults in our nation. A whopping 40% of US workers categorize their jobs as very or extremely stressful. This following will go over seven steps you can take to encourage workplace wellness where your employees will flourish.

How Can Stressed Out Employees Impact Companies?

Eastern Kentucky University’s Occupational Safety program conducted a study to show how much companies spend every year for missed work days and health care as a direct result of stress in the workplace. Ready for that number? $300 billion. This price tag does not consider reduced productivity of disengaged workers. Approximately 70% of US workers are not working at their full potential which takes a toll on the economic growth of our businesses.

How Can You Promote Workplace Wellness for Your Employees?

By promoting workplace wellness, you give your employees several ways that they can alleviate tension and anxiety. Below are seven tips to help you succeed in creating a healthy work environment for your employees….

  1. Help Your Employees Create Strong Relationships – Keep your employees connected by using a workplace show that everyone watches. By encouraging colleagues to build and maintain strong relationships. Shared common interests like a show that everyone watches can help promote workplace wellness by helping people connect and bond over one thing.
  2. Push for Readiness – Let’s face it, we are not our best when we are succumbed by stress. Our brains release cortisol, the primary stress hormone, as we navigate through stressful situations. This hinders the development of rational and logical thoughts but helps us survive as we navigate through difficult waters. How can we avoid making critical mistakes when faced with stressful situations? By being prepared. Take the time to consider what could happen so that you are ready to take the challenges head on.
  3. Remind Employees to Rest – Sleep is essential. Time can slip away from us and it can be easy for employees to stay up late causing them to miss out on sleep. Majority of adults are not getting the suggested 6.5-7.5 hours we’re supposed to each night. Encourage your employees to get rest by implementing sufficient breaks between shifts and completely closing down the computer on their days off. Well rested employees are more energetic, more productive, and more creative.
  4. Inform Employees on Ways They can Relax – Approximately 18 million people in the US meditate regularly to reduce stress. Send out newsletters that encourage rest and relaxation. This can include tips, tricks, and techniques– like suggesting the mindfulness and meditation app that will help them calm their thoughts and alleviate stress. There are several apps designed to make meditation easy, some even implement a buddy system that allows you to connect with friends so you can help encourage one another– this would also be a good way to keep employees connected and building their relationships.
  5. Encourage Exercise with Incentives – Apps that encourage group activities are great tools when it comes to promoting wellness in the workplace. MakeMe allows users to share their achievements and encourage one another to succeed– this is an excellent way to promote workplace wellness.
  6. Charity for the Good – We should encourage our employees to give back. Charity Miles is a free app that allows you to earn money for charities every time you walk, run, or ride a bike. Corporate sponsors make an agreement to donate a couple cents per mile completed. Download the app to browse for charities you want to support and then get moving. You may also choose to do team competitions at the office– these not only promote wellness but also raise money for a good reason.
  7. Boosting Morale – In today’s world, we cannot take enough time to openly discuss culture victories. Set aside time every month to celebrate those within your company. Use your own company website or review sites like glass-door to share your story. Your employees can also connect here by sharing pictures of their families or pets during virtual meetings or by sending pictures on your own social platform.

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