Don’t Underestimate the Role Payroll Delivery Plays in Talent Retention…

One of the hottest topics in the business community is the shortage of talent. As a result, HR professionals are looking for all kinds of ways to ensure their current talent pool is happy and not in danger of leaving. This is especially true with businesses relying on unskilled labor or high turnover positions.

Error Free Payroll Is One Way to Hold On To Your Employees

One way you can burn a bridge with a newly hired employee is for there to be a mishap with his/her paycheck. This is especially true for employees at the lower end of the wage scale that likely have little to no savings. Errors in payroll can happen a variety of ways. Managers could type in the wrong hours, employees could provide the wrong bank account information, a post office employee could accidentally misplace a package with live checks, or a 3rd party time keeping system might go through an update and not notify the client or payroll service the employee hour report needs to be updated as well before it can be uploaded. This can be an extremely stressful situation on everyone involved. A checking account can get overdrawn and lead to a lot of extra fees for a valued employee.

Will Your Payroll Partner Answer Your Calls Quickly and Can the Person You Reach Be Able to Solve the Problem?

If one of these many types of situations happened to your business, who do you call? Do you have a trustworthy intelligent human who you can get on the phone right away to provide you with quick solutions to the problem so an employee can get the correct pay as quickly as possible? Do you instead rely on a large software company with a call center somewhere far away where you find yourself waiting on hold just to explain the same situation to 3 different people and none of them make you feel confident the problem is handled? Businesses with the latter, have an employee not being productive because they are worried about their money. Also, the managers at that business who already entered in payroll are now having to spend hours on hold dealing with ticket systems and hotlines are also being less productive.

Will Your Payroll Partner Be Willing and Able to Fix Any Tax Issues That Arise?

On top of the employee relations issue, in this part of the country you also have to worry about making sure all the local municipalities get everything they are supposed to get for accurate tax reporting and filing. If you get a tax notice from an Ohio local, do you have someone you can call to get it fixed or help you make sense of it in a quick manner? When you get to the tax filing questions, some hotline companies put you into a ticket system where it could be weeks and even months before your local tax issue is resolved.

Will Your Payroll Partner Be Able To Manage Employee Retirement Accounts and Workers’ Compensation Payments

Many businesses also rely on payroll services to move money to employee retirement accounts or to workers’ compensation insurance carriers. What happens if that is not done correctly? Did you know most work comp carriers will not cover the cost of claims if your payroll service were to under pay them even by a few dollars on an installment? This is a lot of faith to put into a big national software company with chat bots, hotlines, and hold times. When choosing a partner that will manage your payroll, payroll tax filing and reporting look for a team that you can trust. Trust can be shown through accessibility, quick action and knowledge about your local tax requirements and industry specific requirements. If you are not currently working with a good local partner with a track record of awesome service and a single source technology to support an employee’s full lifecycle, you might want to look into getting a new Payroll Partner.

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